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Tantric massage

I had tentatively circled the idea of a tantric massage for some time, part of a longing to connect my heart, mind, and body as part of my journey. I was however aware of the minefield and variance of unqualified therapists offering their services. However, what transpired exceeded my expectation.
Miki held the space with compassion, consideration, care, and the upmost respect. In doing so I was able to feel safe and secure and without the presence of fear, it gave way to a powerful opening, allowing my sexual energy to flow. The resulting benefits have been only positive with less stress, better sleep, and a deeper and more consciously felt, connection to my body and heart. 

So much gratitude Miki, thank you.

Coached Tantric Massage

 I feel blessed that I was able to experience tantric massage in such a safe and loving way; there was deep respect and the communication and the ceremony was perfect,

It’s not just a massage, it’s an experience, that I was able to immerse myself in, and feel completely safe, you and Stef are an ideal partnership, you were both so calm and prepared, and the timings were perfect, 

The consent framework is vital along with the boundary setting, and it was done clearly.

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